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Brent McKee
     I was bo
rn in Baltimore and grew up in the Annapolis area.  My interest in the WPA began around 2009, at the height (in terms of unemployment) of the Great Recession.  In considering the problem of wide-scale joblessness, and America's political reaction to it, I thought "There has to be a better way to respond to an economic recession than by demonizing the unemployed and letting them sink into financial ruin."  Then, after being laid off myself, and engaging in a fruitless job search, I became even more convinced that blaming the jobless was both unproductive and cruel.  So, I started this website project, and began a very intense research "journey" into the history of the WPA--reading academic accounts, performing archival research, examining economic data, visiting historic sites, and so on.

     With respect to my education and work background, I have a law degree from the University of Maryland (2003), a Master of Public Policy degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (2010), and a Master of History degree from American Public University (2014).  I've worked with the Maryland State Comptroller's Office, I've been a member of Americorps, and I've managed a state legal assistance program for Maryland inmates.  Currently, I serve on the board of the National New Deal Preservation Association and work as a project team member for the
Living New Deal mapping project. 

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