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Arkansas Case Study

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The WPA in Arkansas

     The photos below were provided by the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, and provide a good case study in the variety of building projects that the WPA engaged in across America.


Exhibit ARK-1 (Below):  An airplane hangar in Little Rock, built circa 1936.

Exhibit ARK-2 (Below): Arkadelphia National Guard Armory, built circa 1940.

Exhibit ARK-3 (Below): Arkansas State Teachers College Model Farm in Conway, built circa 1939.

Exhibit ARK-4 (Below): El Dorado High School Gym in El Dorado, built circa 1940.

Exhibit ARK-5 (Below): Restaurant at Fair Park Zoo in Little Rock, built circa 1936.

Exhibit ARK-6 (Below): Lakefront Resort Bridge, Cleburne County, built circa 1938.

Exhibit ARK-7 (Below): Guy High School Gymnasium built circa 1938.

Exhibit ARK-8a (Below): Lamar Porter Athletic Field in Little Rock, built circa 1936.  Brooks Robinson--the Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame third baseman--started his baseball career here.

Exhibit ARK-8b (Below): A picture of Lamar Porter Athletic Field while it was under construction.  Note the WPA work sign by the two workmen in the background. 

Exhibit ARK-9 (Below): Liberty School cafeteria building near Hamlet, built circa 1935.

Exhibit ARK-10 (Below): Little Buffalo River Bridge in Parthenon, built circa 1939.

Exhibit ARK-11 (Below):
Prairie County Courthouse in DeValls Bluff, built circa 1939.

Exhibit ARK-12a (Below): Taylor Field ball park in Pine Bluff, built circa 1940.

Exhibit ARK-12b (Below): another view of Taylor Field.
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