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Can You Spare A Dime?

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Can you spare a dime?

      I have bumper stickers, a calendar, a poster, and some magnets for sale.  Profits go toward my continued efforts at preserving the history of the WPA.

     The items are a little pricey because (a) they're good quality, (b) they're expensive to make, and (c) I really can't afford to print them in large quantities, which would bring the price down (i.e., I doubt I'll make enough sales to justify printing hundreds at a time).  But if you're struggling financially, and still want an item, contact me at wpatoday@gmail.com. 

     Allow about 10 days for delivery.

     If you have any questions, or want to pay a different way (i.e., other than through the paypal buttons below) just email me at wpatoday@gmail.com.

Bumper Stickers ($6.00 each, free S&H):


"Bring back the WPA!" ($6, free S&H)

  "Let's Restore America...Revive the WPA!" ($6, free S&H)

2013 WPA Calendar
This calendar comes in two sizes, 11" x 17" and 14" x 22".  The paper is a very heavy stock, so it's built to last, just like the work products of the WPA!

Each page has WPA poster art (see two sample pages below).  January has a brief history of the WPA, and each subsequent month has a quote about the WPA (from FDR, Ronald Reagan, and more) and facts about the WPA.  The back cover has photo credits and information references.  So, it's really an educational tool and not just a calendar.

The 11" x 17" size calendar is $29.90, plus $3.99 shipping:

The 14" x 22" size calendar is $38.95, plus $3.99 shipping:

Front Cover of Calendar:

Sample Page 1 (letters are clearer in actual calendar):

Sample Page 2 (letters are clearer in actual calendar):

New Deal Poster
This poster is 18" x 24" (email me at wpatoday@gmail.com if you want a different size).  It details some of the accomplishments of the big four New Deal work programs, WPA, CWA, PWA, and CCC, as well as a mention of the National Youth Administration (which was part of the WPA for the first part of it's life), the Resettlement Administration, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and the Federal Emergency Relief Administration.  Together these agencies modernized America during the 1930s and 40s, and so the poster says "We Won't Forget Who Built America" in big bold letters!  Also includes a quote from Harry Hopkins, head of the WPA.

Poster on matte paper (non-glossy), $19.95, plus $5.99 shipping:

Poster on semi-gloss paper, $26.95, plus $5.99 shipping: 

(Lettering & coloring is clearer, and resolution is better, on actual poster.  The quality of this image isn't very good because of the compression)

Flexi-magnets with WPA Poster Art

Above: "Visit the Aquarium magnet"

3" wide x 4" high, $6.95, plus $3.99 shipping:

4" wide x 6" high, $7.95, plus $3.99 shipping:


Above: "Visit the Brookside Zoo Free" magnet

4" wide x 3" high, $6.95, plus $3.99 shipping:

6" wide x 4" high, $6.95, plus $3.99 shipping:


Above: WPA Work Plaque magnet

4" wide x 3" high, $6.95, plus $3.99 shipping:

6" wide x 4" high, $6.95, plus $3.99 shipping:
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