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The WPA and Maryland Cemeteries


Photo credits: Unless otherwise noted, all black and white photos were taken by the WPA, are in the public domain, and provided courtesy of the University of Maryland College Park Archives.  All color photos--unless otherwise noted--were taken by Brent McKee.  Click here for more information on photo credits, permission to use, and exhibit descriptions.

1. Philos Cemetery Memorial Building in Westernport, Allegany County (Maryland WPA project #3232, 1938)

Above: Photo taken in April of 1938.

Above: Photo taken in April of 1938.

Above: Photo taken in May of 1938.

Above: The memorial building today.  Photo taken in 2011.

Above: The plaque on the front of the building.  I cropped the photograph so you can see the WPA part more clearly.  However, the top part of the plaque is important too and reads: "IN MEMORIAM, LEST WE FORGET, This building is dedicated in remembrance of all those who took part in all wars to preserve the freedom and liberty for our country who now sleep in peace in Philos and St. Peter's Cemeteries."  Photo taken in 2011.

Above: The view from the top of the memorial building, looking over the cemetery grounds behind the structure.  Photo taken in 2011.

2. Baltimore National Cemetery, near Catonsville (Maryland WPA project #3105, circa 1937)

Above: WPA men working on the grounds of the cemetery.  Photo taken in March of 1937.

Above: The cemetery today.  Photo taken in 2011.

Above: WPA workers installing the cemetery's flag pole.  Photo taken in April of 1937.

Above: The same flag pole (according to maintenance records) today.  Photo taken in 2011. 

Above: The WPA built this rostrum/wall.  Photo taken in 2011. 
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