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Important Exhibit Notes

Important Exhibit (and website) Notes:

COPYRIGHT ISSUES: American copyright law is, frankly, complicated and not always clear.  However, it is my intent to follow the law as best as possible.  I believe that my use of sources--in creating the content of my website--falls well within the parameters of the "fair use" doctrine of copyright law (see the U.S. Copyright Office's statement on fair use here).  I also (a) try to determine whether a particular item is in the public domain, (b) obtain permission to use items that are clearly not in the public domain and not covered by the fair use doctrine, and (c) appropriately cite my sources.  There is an excellent article/chapter about online history projects & copyright issues (by Daniel J. Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig) on the website of George Mason University's Center for History and New Media (click here).  I found it to be a useful guide.
2. PHOTO CREDITS: Unless otherwise noted under a particular photograph, all
black and white photos on this website are digital images of photographs from the WPA photograph collection at the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) Archives.  Essentially, they are pictures of pictures, taken by me in 2011.  The photographs in the WPA collection at UMCP are in the public domain, having been created by government workers documenting government/public projects.  Also, unless otherwise noted under the photograph, all color photos were taken by me, Brent McKee.  The WPA posters on my website were obtained from the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, and are in the public domain.

USE OF PHOTOS: If you want to use any of the photos on my website, please contact me first (wpatoday@gmail.com).  I want to double check that the photos you'd like to use were either taken by me, or are in the public domain (this protects you too).  With respect to the color photos taken by me, I will rarely--if ever--ask for a fee, but I would like to discuss how you intend to use them, as well as how many you would like to use. 

EXHIBIT DESCRIPTIONS AND CAPTIONS: I do my best to provide accurate information in all my exhibits.  In creating my narratives, I mostly use one or all of the following: (a) the photo description cards that are in the UMCP photo collection, (b) newspaper archives, (c) reports from the Maryland Historical Trust, (d) scholarly books and articles, (e) reliable Internet sources, and (f) government reports.  Still, mistakes and erroneous information are always a possibility.  If you see any errors in my exhibits, please let me know (wpatoday@gmail.com).

WHO'S IN THE PHOTOS? The WPA was highly focused on providing employment for the jobless, and even required a certain percentage of project funding be directed to that end.  However, my understanding is that starting around 1940-41, the WPA started relaxing these rules and allowing greater use of private contractors, especially on defense-related projects.  Therefore, some of the pictures you will see on this website might show private contractors working on WPA projects.  But WPA utilization of private contractors was a benefit to the country too, since private contractors hire the jobless from time to time, and also because private contractors have an existing workforce that relies on new projects that require their skill and labor.    
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