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Winter 2015, includes
Eleanor Roosevelt Visits a WPA Sewing Room Project in Washington, D.C.
Fire Prevention and the New Deal in Maryland
Alan Lomax, Musicologist Extraordinaire
Our New Deal Benefit Today: West Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind
New Deal Art: “Squirrels”

Fall 2014
, includes
A WPA Building on Roanoke Island Provides Decades of Loyal Service to the Town of Manteo, NC
The (Highly Controversial) Grapes of Wrath
Our New Deal Benefit Today! Aberdeen Proving Ground
New Deal Art: “Join Now”

Summer 2014, includes
Growing Jobs Crisis in the Age of Technology
The Coup to Overthrow FDR
Moving Water In, Moving Waste Out: The Waterworks of the WPA in the Mid-Atlantic Region, 1935-1943
Our New Deal Benefit Today!  Lake Ashburton Pumping Station
New Deal Art: “History of Civic Services in the City of New York: Water Supply”

Spring 2014
, includes
Experiencing History in Greenbelt
The WPA Promoted Reading in Maryland
Our New Deal Benefit Today: Maryland Slave Narratives
New Deal Art: "Who's Who in the Zoo"

Winter 2014, includes
Upton Sinclair's Baltimore
Rexford Tugwell: Greenbelt Planner and Brain Truster No. 1
Our New Deal Benefit Today: The Greenbelt Community Lake
New Deal Art: "Live Here at Low Rent"

Fall 2013, includes
In Memoriam: William Offutt Johnson, 1941-2013
Book Review—In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin
A WPA Exhibit, a $50K Challenge, a Demolished Building, and the Importance of Preserving New Deal       History
Our New Deal Benefit Today! Greenfield Library, St. John’s College
New Deal Art: “Work With Care”

Summer 2013
New Deal Parks: How Do We Value Memories?
Summer Days At Swallow Falls
Our New Deal Benefit Today: Taylor Park
New Deal Art: Parks and WPA Poste

Spring 2013
, includes:
Maryland's Tribute to the CCC at Gambrill State Park
1930s Elsewhere: Sitting, Striking, and Fighting in Michigan
Maryland's Forgotten Infrastructure Hero (Francis Dryden)
Our New Deal Benefit Today: The U.S. Naval Academy
New Deal Art: "Provide for the Common Defense"

Winter 2013, includes:
The CCC, the Snow, and the Stork
Personalities from the 1930s: Woody Guthrie
Patuxent Research Refuge: Maryland's Amazing New Deal Treasure
Our New Deal Benefit Today: Hagerstown City Hall
New Deal Art: Promote the General Welfare

October 2012, includes:
A Woman's Dream & The WPA at Towson University (Glen Woods)
Personalities from the 1930s: Francis Townsend
Our New Deal Benefit Today: Johnson's Pond Dam
New Deal Art: Mural at the Towson Post Office

September 2012
A Tale of Two Historic Post Offices: One Saved, One Lost?
Personalities from the 1930s: Huey Long
Our New Deal Benefit Today: Great Mills School
New Deal Art: Mural at the Bethesda Post Office

August 2012
, includes:

The Civilian Conservation Corps at Fort Frederick
How the Works Progress Administration Helped Preserve Maryland's Civil War History
Our New Deal Benefit Today: Fort Hill High School
New Deal Art: Mural at the Upper Marlboro Branch Library
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