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New Deal Preservation & Restoration
See Photos Below!

     There are many New Deal creations that are in excellent shape.  There are also many that could use some TLC.  I feel it's extremely important that we preserve & restore these New Deal structures & sites.  They are important reminders of a significant time in our nation's history.  Also, our unemployed elders & ancestors worked hard on these projects.  And many of them, subsequently, joined the armed services or worked in the defense industries during World War II.  Perhaps one way we can honor their work and their service is to restore & preserve the things they built. 

     On this page I will be listing some New Deal projects that are in desperate need of help.  If you know anyone that might be able to "get the ball rolling" on their rehabilitation & preservation, please email me at wpatoday@gmail.com. 

Potential Restoration Project 1: Glen Woods

     Glen Woods is located on the campus of Towson University.  It is the brainchild of Stella Brown, a teacher at Towson during the 1930s.  Ms. Brown wanted the area to be a place where faculty, students, and the surrounding community could come to enjoy various plantings, outdoor grills, buildings, and walking trails.  Fortunately, for Ms. Brown, the WPA was available to help.  See my main exhibit on Glen Woods here.

     As you can see from the photos below, Glen Woods is in a serious state of deterioration.  Hopefully, someone or some group will step forward and restore Stella Brown's dream.

     (Unless otherwise noted, all photos below were taken by Brent McKee)

Above: The remains of an artificial pond.  Photographed in 2011.

Above: A badly damaged information plaque.  Photographed in 2011.

Above: A damaged stone structure.  Photographed in 2011.

Above: Another damaged stone structure.  Photographed in 2011.

Above: A cooking grill & patio, falling apart due to neglect and the elements.  Photographed in 2011.

Above: A small stone building, giving way to the ravages of time.  Photographed in 2011.

Above: A medium sized stone structure of some sort, deteriorating from the the top down.  Photographed in 2011.

Above: There are many fallen trees and overgrown areas in Glen Woods.  Photographed in 2011.

Above: Another fallen tree.  Photographed in 2011.

Above: Sadly, even the information plaque about Stella Brown has fallen prey to neglect and the elements.  Photographed in 2011.

Above: The base of this (apparent) water fountain is in need of repair.  Photographed in 2011.

Above: The stones in this fireplace probably indicate that the inside of the chimney is coming apart.  Photographed in 2011.

Above: This building seems to be in pretty good shape, but note the condition of the front roof board. Photographed in 2011.
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