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      As far as I know, there is no WPA museum.  I'm also unaware of any WPA monument.  Considering the volume of work the WPA performed, the fascinating history of the Great Depression, and the fact that many WPA men and women served in the military and defense industries during World War II (who knows how many thousands gave their lives for our freedom), I find this amazing.  It's well past time that we create a WPA museum and a WPA monument.  At the very least, the history of the WPA could be attached to a more all-encompassing New Deal museum and monument.

     Fortunately, there are other people thinking about this too.  For example, folks at the National New Deal Preservation Association and the Living New Deal are contemplating a New Deal museum.  See "Time for a New Deal Museum" here.  

Monuments at Prince William Forest Park and Catoctin Mountain Park?

     I believe Prince William Forest Park, near Dumfries, Virginia, and Catoctin Mountain Park, near Thurmont, Maryland, would be excellent sites for WPA/CCC statues/monuments.  These two parks are considered sister parks within the National Park system, and both the WPA and CCC were heavily involved in their development.  Imagine two identical statues, one in each park.

     These statues could depict a WPA worker and a CCC worker shaking hands.  A blacksmith's hammer could be in the free hand of the WPA worker and a shovel could be in the free hand of the CCC worker.  At the base of the statues could be an information plaque, explaining the role that each of these work programs played in the development of the parks, as well as parks across the nation.  Statues like this would be an excellent way to pay respect to our elders/ancestors, and an excellent way to educate people coming into the parks.  Interestingly, CCC statues are already being placed in parks across the country (see here), so I believe a WPA/CCC statue is entirely feasible.

     I think a project like this could bring together a lot of people and organizations, e.g., the Maryland and Virginia legislatures, various Maryland and Virginia historical organizations, the National New Deal Preservation Association, the Living New Deal, CCC Legacy, the Friends of Prince William Forest Park, the National Park Service, etc.

     If you're interested in this idea, please email me at wpatoday@gmail.com.
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